Qus:   I am appearing in the Final Year / Semester of my qualifying exam / Course or the result of my final / Semester is awaited, can I apply?
Ans:   No, Only the candidates who have completed course on or before cut-off date are eligible to apply.
Qus:   While submitting the online application it shows some “ERROR” or “NO PAGE FOUND”, what should I do?
Ans:   It might be because of the Speed of Internet Connection being used by you, however you may take screen shot and send to us at [email protected] to resolve the issue.
Qus:   In the final result of my qualifying course, I have been awarded with CGPA / OGPA / SGPA but not with Percentage, in this case what should I do?
Ans:   Obtain the CGPA / OGPA / SGPA (Grade) to Percentage Conversion Formula from your respective Institute / University, calculate the percentage and mention it.
Qus:   Can I apply for two different posts at the same time?
Ans:   No, you can apply for only one post.
Qus.   Being a Degree holder can I apply for the post of Junior Engineer?
Ans:   No, your candidature will not be accepted for the post of Junior Engineer only unless you have the qualification specified for Junior Engineer i.e., Diploma.
Qus:   I have secured 59.99%/49.99% marks in degree/Diploma, can I apply?
Ans:   No, your candidature will not be accepted by the system as it cannot rectify the fractions.
Qus:   What about CVPP Profile and Projects under it?
Ans:   CVPP profile and details about the Projects are placed on CVPP website
Qus:   Whether the advertised posts are for fresher’s or experienced candidates?
Ans:   The advertised posts are for fresher’s however experienced candidates may also apply.
Qus:   Can Provisional certificate be considered in case candidates do not have degree/ diploma?
Ans:   Provisional certificate can be considered but mark sheet depicting consolidated marks of all semesters should also be uploaded.
Qus:   How the Project Affected Families can apply?
Ans:   While filling online application, candidates belonging to Project Affected Families will select district Kishtwar, followed by option YES and proceed further for getting relaxation in qualifying marks.